Senior Backend Engineer - Fintech

  • Engineering
  • Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Senior Backend Engineer - Fintech

Job description

Ascenda solutions make loyalty simple for financial institutions globally. Previously, these companies had to endure complex patchworks of third-party systems, mediocre user experiences, and 18-month implementation projects to deploy a competitive rewards program. We turn things upside down with loyalty solutions rooted in beautiful design, exceptional customer value, and rapid implementation.

At the core of our loyalty solution is a set of components, responsible for interfacing with third party merchandise providers and financial services. This sub system whose code name is "Alfred", manages critical inventory and fulfilment functions within, and outside our systems. Alfred allows for dozen of thousands of customers of financial institutions to seamlessly and securely execute redemption transactions on our loyalty platform.

As a Senior Engineer, you will:

  • Work in cross-functional teams across the organization to build and launch high-quality product features
  • Participate in our software development lifecycle, including participating in code reviews and sprint planning sessions
  • Own part of feature roadmap and driving continuous technical improvements
  • Scale the platform to support more concurrent transactions for customers around the world
  • Enhance and build new APIs used both internally within Ascenda and externally by our partners and providers
  • Improve monitoring and observability to detect issue and build the proper tool to operate the platform
  • Respond to production incidents and work with our technical support teams to resolve them

This role is open for our Vietnam Office, located in Sala urban area, District 2, HCMC. 


You are a good fit if:

  • You have a strong technical background, especially in building and maintaining highly-trafficked backend applications
  • You understand what it takes to build a highly secure application and have applied those concepts in your past roles
  • You are familiar with concepts such as GraphQL, JSON:API and REST
  • You have experience building reliable, robust, and performant data processing pipelines
  • You have experience designing and fine tuning with SQL and NO SQL databases
  • You understand what it takes to build a good SaaS platform
  • You enjoy working with cross-functional teams across the organization, and across multiple geographical locations
  • You have previous experience with Ruby. This would be a plus but not necessary